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Watch Sluts Squirt

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We all have something that instantly turns us on. For me, it’s when a girl can squirt. I’ll never forget the first time I was with a woman that could do it. We were messing around and things were getting pretty hot and heavy. I was fingering her and I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was. I knew she was as into it as I was, but I wasn’t prepared for a shower of pleasure. She told me to finger her faster and deeper so I did as I was told and my hand got soaked. She was so wet it splashed all over both of us and at first I thought she had peed on me. I instantly got so excited I came before I even entered her.

After that I was hooked. Every time I was with a woman, I was trying to make her squirt. Not all chicks can do it though and that’s rather disappointing. When I need to get my fix, I check out squirting online sex at Cam BB.

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