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The Best of Live Cam Shows

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The live cam site market has gone absolutely bonkers. From being almost dead or at the very least dormant up until perhaps 18 months or so ago, the giant has awoken stomping about with a massive grin on its face.

When something like this happens you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone and his dog is trying to get in on the action and make a quick buck. When it comes to porn it is so much worse because you don’t exactly need an extremely specialised skill set meaning that the rabble arrive in their droves to try and con you out of your cash which will probably destroy or damage this sector of the porn market again.

The important bit is that we, the consumers don’t get fucked over and in this instance amateur performers are heavily involved too and exploitative assholes can fuck it up for them too.

I’d like to create awareness of the good-guy sites providing live cam show entertainment to help everyone steer clear of the cons. Here’s a list of live sex sites doing things right.

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