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How can you tell whether a person is a fuck friend material

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You meet a lot of good-looking women in the course of any single day. I’m lucky enough to live in a country where there are beautiful women around every corner. They take any shape and colors. We’re talking about fat women, skinny women, dark brown women, women that look like they have the complexion of paper and everything in between.


You have to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you choose to see beauty, you will see beauty. If you are so narrow-minded and have such a tunnel vision regarding what constitutes beauty then you probably going to make yourself feel uncomfortable and miserable because everybody around you is ugly. Everybody around falls far from the mark. Instead, I choose to look at the inner beauty of people. I go past seemingly ugly details and I look at the inner beauty of people and that’s why anybody in my mind can be a fuck friend. Anybody in my mind can be a fuck buddy.


If your only metric is physicality even then anybody can be your fuck friend. You have to look at the person within. You have to look at their attitude. Which brings to the table the next question: how can you tell whether the person would be a good fuck friend or not. First and foremost, you need to go beyond physical appearance. You have to remember that real sex, and I’m talking about memorable sex here, goes beyond physicality. You may have sex with a totally ugly woman. She may be grossly overweight and may have nasty tattoos or whatever the case may be, but it might turn out to be the some of the best sex you’ve ever had in your life. Why? It’s all about your and her attitude.


Sex is an experience. It’s like a concert. It’s like you’re going to this giant arena. Everybody’s all excited. The performers are excited. There’s great music and everybody has a great time. Why? Everybody has the right mindset. Now compare that with paying a ton of money to see the exact same band, but they’re in a crappy mood and you’re in a crappy mood because you got stuck in traffic before you got to the arena. What do you think the experience will be? That’s right. The music will be the same. The value of the music will still be the same, but the experience will be grossly different. Do you see where I’m coming from?


Look at sex as an experience. That’s why you need to look past appearances. Focus instead on the attitude of the friend that you would like to become sexual friends with. Set aside your preconceptions. Focus on her attitude. If she’s open-minded, if she has a tremendous sense of possibility around her and she makes you feel fully alive, that is a great potential fuck friend. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t get it confused.

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