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Can Your Willy Come Out and Play?

Filed under : Webcams

I remember being a kid and thinking how awesome it would be when I grew up. No one was going to be able to tell me what to do, I would stay up late every night having loads of fun, and eat birthday cake for breakfast. Oh to be young again.

If only I’d known that my boss would definitely own one of my balls in a jar on his desk and my wife would keep the other in her purse, I have to get up by 6 every morning, and even if I do have a day off, the nights are usually just spent flipping through the same old tv shows, on nights when my wife even lets me get the remote. Birthday cake for breakfast still sounds awesome, but the doctor says my cholesterol is bad, so bland cereal it is.

Thank god I have one escape, one shred of joy that gives me the carefree feeling that I have yearned for my entire life. That’s when I log in to and flirt and play and get off with every hot babe of my dreams. No expectations, no responsibility, just adults having fun with no strings attached!


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