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Azblonde22 is so Sexy

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She’s just an absolute honey, she’s so sweet and she’s so sexy and she has just the right amounts of everything at the right times and you can have a free chat with azblonde22.

Such is the nature of many of the performer channels at Cambb in that you don’t have to pay to see most and sometimes even all of the show. It is up to you to tip if you appreciate what you are seeing.

It’s much like those restaurants where there are no prices on the menus. You can order what you want and pay what you want. The principle is that you pay as much as you feel the meal was worth. These restaurants have found that by far the greater majority of their patrons are mature and honest people of integrity and they actually earn more this way on average.

I doubt you’ll get away as easily on the internet where people get to hide behind their computers a long way away, but it seems to work well enough yet.

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